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            Everything from finding the right online university to finding the right job!

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            Jane M. Doe


            北京福彩官网 Address:                                                                                           School Address:

            143 Main Street                                                                                            P.O. Box 888

            Smallville, MA 99909                                                                                    500 Salisbury Street

            (508) 555-4848                                                                                            Worcester, MA 01609

            jdoe@assumption.edu                                                                                   (508) 767-0000



            Assumption College, Worcester, MA                                       Bachelor of Arts, expected May 2006

            Major: Accounting                                                                  Grade Point Average: (if 3.0 or above)


            WORK EXPERIENCE (start each bullet with verb, highlight teamwork, client service)

            South Coastal Career Development Administration                                                    Quincy, MA

            Youth Counselor                                                                                                 Summers 1997-1999

                    Collaborated with directors of programs that targeted disadvantaged and handicapped youth

                    Evaluated teaching and job training

                    Aided in locating jobs for youth


            Arthur Andersen LLP                                                                                                     Boston, MA

            Audit Staff                                                                                                                         1994-1996

            Audit Intern                                                                                                                   Summer 1993

                    Audited various industries as part of a team

                    Participated in industry and leadership training

                    Interacted with clients and prepared recommendations for client improvement

                    Supervised other staff members and oversaw audit areas


            LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE (if you are an officer of club, team captain, group leader, etc.)

            Summer Fellowship Coordinator, Holy Cross Club of Greater Worcester                2001-present

                    Arrange summer fellowships to provide a meaningful social service experience


            Co-Captain, Assumption College Intramural Basketball Team                                    2002-2005

                    Provided leadership for the team, while coordinating games


            ACTIVITIES (avoid using abbreviations – type full name of clubs)

            Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)                                                                        2000-present

            Academic Decathlon Instructor, Wellesley High School                                                     2000-present

            Junior Achievement Participant                                                                                            1990-1996

            Religious Education Teacher, St. Catherine of Siena Parish                                                   1995-1996


            AWARDS & HONORS

            Phi Beta Kappa

            Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

            Dean’s List



            Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

            Test Preparation Schools & Programs (by State) Letter & Writing Career & Training

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