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            Everything from finding the right online university to finding the right job!

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            Resume Template

            Your Resume contains general information about building an effective resume such as overall organization, font selection, and a rationale for resumes.

            Contact Information steps through the necessary information that allows you to be contacted by your prospective employer.

            Education discusses how to best display your educational background.

            Experience presents strategies to help you tailor this section to each job opportunity.

            Honors and Activities helps you select which honors and activities are best to include for each job opportunity and how to present this information.

            Below is a resume template for business school MBA admissions. It is created by a successful applicant.

            Jason Johnson

            100 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10012

            Tel: (212) 867-5309 johnson@hotmail.com


            WHARTON SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                          1997

            Bachelor of Science in Economics. Concentration in Finance. Semester abroad in Madrid, fall 1992. Captain, Varsity Golf Team 1992-93; All-Ivy Golf Team, 1992; Resident Advisor, 1992..



            THE PARTHENON GROUP                               BOSTON, MA LONDON, UK

            Consultant                                                             1999- present

            l          Led market entry analysis of water desalination industry for $200MM pump manufacturer. Developed, executed customer surveys, analyzed competitive structure of market; assessed margin sustainability and forecast market demand. Presented findings to division president.

            l          Provided financial appraisal, strategic recommendation for sale of UK electronic publishing division of $200M content aggregator.  Coordinated due diligence, interviewed division CEO; designed analysis to highlight key revenue, cost drivers; built DCF valuation model, delivered recommendation to Managing Director of acquiring firm.

            l          Member of market entry strategy team working with client management in $30M electronic content business. Heavily involved in designing, executing market analysis, customer surveying; evaluating potential business models; assessing growth/profitability prospects, competitive threats. Presented findings, resulting in $280M acquisition of competing firm.



            Private equity/Commercial lending arm of the World Bank Group                1997-1999

            l          Managed $12M IFC debt/equity investment in Sao Paulo-based small appliance manufacturer. On-site due diligence, extensive interviews with management team. Developed cash flow model and proforma financial statements.  Heavily involved in preparation of term sheets, information memoranda; structuring, negotiating legal agreements in Portuguese and English.

            l          Member of two-person investment team on $115M Brazilian textile deal. Participated in on-site due diligence in northeastern Brazil and built integrated cash flow spreadsheet model. Designed and led in-depth textile market study in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro: interviewed local raw material, fabric and garment vendors. Aggregated information on trends and structure of market. Participated in structuring, negotiating investment agreements.

            l          Prepared annual assessment report of $100M investment in Colombian polyester manufacturer. Conducted individual on-site research in Medellin, interviewed CFO, senior executives and operating personnel. Built model of financial returns, presented to senior IFC management. Report cited as Best Demonstrated Practice and incorporated into template for future reports.

            l          Screened investment proposals in electronics, retail, consumer products industries.

            l          Prepared, delivered equity sale documents; option valuation for stake in pulp/paper portfolio company; monitored portfolio company compliance with financial covenants.


            Native English speaker; fluent in Portuguese, Spanish. Youngest-ever Barbados National Men's Golf Champion; national golf team member. Student of military, economic history.

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