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            Letter of Recommendation

            How to Write a Letter of Recommendation
            Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation
            Letter of Recommendation Template
            Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship
            How to Request for Letter of Recommendation
            Reference Letter Format
            Free Sample Letter of Recommendation

            Sample Reference Letter Format

            Below is a suggested format for reference letters. The bracketed words are suggested options to use when applicable to your particular letter.



            PARAGRAPH 1:

            If written to a specific employer:
            I am writing this reference letter at the request of [student] who is applying for the position of [job title] with your [firm, company, school, etc.]

            If written to whom it may concern:
            I am writing this reference letter at the request of [student]. S/he has asked me to write this general letter which s/he may show to any prospective employer who asks him/her for references.

            If letter is confidential:
            This is a confidential letter and should be shared only with people in your firm who are directly involved in the hiring decision. This letter should not be shown to [student] who waived the right to see the letter.

            PARAGRAPH 2:Sample Reference Letter

            I have known [student] for [length of time] in my capacity as a [your job title] at [your employer]. If Applicable: [student] worked for me as a [job title]. or [student] belonged to the [club or organization] for which I served as an advisor. or [student] took [number] courses from me, including [names]. [Student] earned grades of [list grades], respectively, in those courses. Based on [student's] grades, along with his/her [excellent, good, etc.] attendance and class participation, I'd rate [students] performance in my class as [rating].

            PARAGRAPH 3:

            [Student] has a number of strengths to offer [an employer, a graduate program]. List qualities here, backing each one up with examples. Try to pick qualities that tie into the specific type of job student is seeking or requested on the grad school application. EXAMPLE: "[Student] often exhibited excellent leadership in my class, volunteering to lead groups and then organizing the group's project quickly and efficiently. This attribute would serve [student] well in the position of Assistant Manager with your company."

            PARAGRAPH 4:

            In conclusion, I would [highly] recommend [student]. If his/her performance in my class(es) is any indication of how she/he'd perform [on the job, in graduate school, etc.], [student] will be a positive addition to your [firm, college, etc.].

            Sincerely yours,


            More about reference letter:

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