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            Everything from finding the right online university to finding the right job!

            GRE Test

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            GRE Frequently Asked Questions

            What Does GRE Stand for? (What Do the Initials GRE Stand for?)

            The GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. It has two parts: General Test and Subject Test. The General Test consists of analogy, antonym, reading comprehension, sentence completion, problem solving, and quantitative comparison.

            What Is a Good Score on the GRE?

            There is no so-called good or acceptable score.

            When Should the GRE Be Taken?

            It can be taken any time in a year. However, it is better to take it before the application season. That is, from September to January, the next year.

            How Much Does the GRE Cost?

            The GRE General Test registration fee is $115 and $140 outside the United States.

            Can I retake the GRE?

            The decision on whether or not to retake a standardized test should be based on your specific situation. There is always the possibility that you will score lower the second time around, however, if you know that you were not prepared to take the test the first time around and want to improve your score, then you should retake the test. If, on the other hand, you feel that there is not much you can do differently the second time around, you should retake the test only if you must earn a higher score or if you are willing to take the chance of scoring lower the second time. (Keep in mind that for the GRE General Test, many graduate programs take into consideration only the highest score earned in each section. What this means is that if you scored a 550 verbal / 660 quantitative on your first trial and a 600 verbal / 580 quantitative on your second trial, the admissions committee will consider your score to be a 600 verbal / 660 quantitative. Each graduate program evaluates your score differently. Contact your target programs to learn how they handle the GRE score.)

            What does GRE test?

            GRE does not test any specific knowledge. Rather, it is an intelligent exam or a so-called IQ exam.

            What format is GRE exam?

            The GRE is available in a computer-based test in U.S. and most international locations. In some countries, such as China北京福彩官网, Korea, etc, GRE is available as a paper-based test only.

            When is GRE available?

            GRE is available at any time where computer based test is available.

            How to register the test?

            You can contact ETS to register a test by calling 1-443-751-4820 or 1-800-GRE-CALL (1-800-473-2255) or visiting the

            How much does it cost to take the GRE test?

            The General Test is $140 for test-takers in United States, $175 in China北京福彩官网 (including Hong Kong), Korea, and Taiwan, and $170 for individuals testing in all other locations.

            Is GRE still available in paper -based test?

            In the United States, the answer is not. In some countries, such as China北京福彩官网, the test is only available as a paper test. Exactly, the test is split into two parts, the verbal and quantitative sections are administrated as a paper test. The writing section, however, is administrated as a computer test.

            How do I register for a paper-based GRE test?

            You can download a form from http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/GRE/pdf/0708_gre_pbt_reg_form.pdf.

            What is the average GRE score?

            The average score for GRE varies from school to school. In general, schools with higher rank has the higher average GRE score.

            What is the minimum GRE score?

            Most graduate schools state that they do not require minimum score for the test. However, some schools do require.

            What is an acceptable GRE score?

            Generally, a score of 550 or higher in Verbal section and 600 or higher in Quantitative section is considered acceptable. For specific requirement, you will have to consult your school.

            How long is GRE score valid for?

            GRE score is valid for five years. After five years, you will need to re-take the test.

            How many times can I take GRE?

            You can take GRE as many times as you want. However, in a consecutive twelve months, the maximum time is five.

            How to prepare for the GRE test?

            The best way to tackle the exam is to get familiar with the test format and question type. Spend two or three weeks to understand the test by taking a sample test. Then, buy or download more practice tests to practice, practice and practice.

            How long do I need to prepare before taking the test?

            Generally, it takes three to six month for most test-takers to prepare for the test in order to achieve a satisfactory score. For international students, it may take extra time to get proficiency in English.

            Do I need to attend a preparation class? Which one is the best?

            Many students take a prep class at Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Manhattan GRE center.

            Where can I find the GRE books and software?

            The best prep books for GRE exam is the Official GRE Guide from the test maker - ETS. You can buy at Amazon.com or at ETS.org store.

            Is there any online GRE courses?

            Yes. The most famous are 800score.com and .

            Is there any free GRE resource available on the web?

            You can search in Google by "gre test" or "free gre" to get them.

            What is the difference between GRE and GMAT?

            Initially, GRE is for graduate schools in science and the GMAT is for business school. In recent years, many PhD programs in business accept both GRE and GMAT score. For most MBA programs, GRE is not acceptable, however.

            GRE Versus TOEFL?

            The TOEFL, which is also provided by ETS, is a test of English as a foreign language designed for international students who want to study in the United States. Students who have obtained a degree in an English speaking country北京福彩官网 is waved for the test.

            GRE vs MCAT?

            MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test and is for medical school admission. GRE at no way can substitute for MCAT.

            What is the difference between GRE and LSAT?

            LSAT or Law School Admission Test is for admissions to law schools in the United States.

            Which business schools use GRE score?

            Please refer to http://www.ets.org/

            Where can I find the testing centers for the GRE exam?

            There is a PDF file containing all the test centers at .

            What is GRE Subject Test? Do I need to take it?

            The GRE Subject Tests gauge undergraduate achievement in eight specific fields of study and is often required for admission into a master's degree program. For specific requirements, contact your school. The eight subjects are Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.

            When do I take GRE Subject Test?

            The Subject Tests are given at paper-based test centers worldwide three times a year in:

            • October 
            • November 
            • April


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