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            Everything from finding the right online university to finding the right job!

            Financial Aid

            Federal Loans
            Private Loans
            School Scholarships
            Free Scholarship Search
            High School Scholarships
            College Scholarships
            Graduate Scholarships
            Summer Scholarships
            International Students
            Scholarship Application
            Scholarship Essay

            Scholarship Database


            12th Step Scholarship


            A.W. Bodine-Sunkist Memorial Scholarship
            AARP Scholars Program
            Abraham Ayad Memorial Fund/Scholarship
            Accountemps/AICPA Student Scholarship
            Adelante US Education Leadership Scholarship
            AES Engineering Scholarships
            AFSCME/UNCF Union Scholarship
            AFTRA/Sanford Bud Wolf Scholarship
            AGI Minority Participation Program Scholarship
            Aging 北京福彩官网 and Activities Scholarship
            AHS Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowships
            Alan Lucas Memorial Educational Scholarships
            Alan Pattee Scholarship
            Alexander Graham Bell Association Scholarship
            Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Scholarship
            ALPFA Scholarship Program
            Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship
            Alumni Association Alum of the Year Scholarship
            Alumni Association Graduate-Level Scholarships
            Alumni Association Senior Scholarships
            Alvie Campbell Bible Scholarship
            American Assoc. of Japanese Univ Women Scholarship
            American Assoc. of University Women Scholarship
            American Chemical Society Scholarship
            American Society of Naval Engineers
            Andreina Becker-Colonna Scholarship
            Ann Fields Award, The
            Ann Paterson Dance Scholarship
            Annette Marie Tyler McGowan Memorial Scholarship
            Antoinette Finke Forgivable Loan
            Apple Scholars Program
            Appraisal Institute Education Trust Scholarship
            APTRA Scholarships
            ARCS Scholarship (Achievement Reward for Coll Scie
            Army ROTC Nurse Program
            Army ROTC Program
            Arnesen Travel Scholarship
            Arthur H. Bazell Scholarship
            Asian American Architects and Engineers Scholars
            Associated Students Inc. Scholarship
            Association of CA Water Agencies Awards
            Association of Chinese Cooking Teachers
            ASW Scholarship Fund
            ASWA San Francisco Chapter Scholarship
            AT&T Labs Fellowship Program
            Atmospheric Sciences Education and Research Grant
            Audre Lorde Creative Writing Award
            Awards for Scandinavians
            Awards for Study in Scandinavia


            Barbara Wiedner & Dorothy Vandercook Scholarship
            Bay Cable Group Marketing Cooperative Scholarship
            BEA National Scholarships in Broadcasting
            Bell Labs Graduate Research Fellowship Program
            Berry & Vera Lee Clanton Endowed Scholarship, The
            Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Award
            Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship Program
            Beth Pack Memorial Scholarship
            Beverly Johnson Memorial Scholarship
            Bielawa Student Composer in Residence Fund
            Bill Plachy Endowed TA Award
            Biology Faculty Scholarship
            Biology Hensill Endowment Scholarship
            BMC Scholarship
            Bob Brown Memorial Scholarship For Journalists
            Bobette Bibo Gugliotta Memorial Scholarship
            Bodie McDowell Scholarship
            Bridge Award
            Budweiser Conservation Scholarship Program
            Bureau of Land Management Award
            Burr G. & Virginia G. Burbank Physics Scholarship
            Business & Professional Women Career Adv. Scholars
            Byron Hanke Fellowship


            C.Y. Chow Memorial Scholarship
            CA Citrus Mutual's Scholarship
            CA Parks & Recreation Society Dist. IV Scholarship
            CA Retired Teachers Association - Laura E. Settle
            CA Retired Teachers Association, SF Division
            Cahill Scholarship, The
            California Association of Realtors Scholarship
            California Council of the Blind Scholarship
            California Sea Grant State Fellowship
            CANfit Program Scholarships
            Carla Roed Music Scholarship
            Carolyn Irene Howard Memorial Scholarship
            Catalog and e-Commerce Club Scholarship
            Catching the Dream Scholarship
            CCNMA Scholarships
            CEAC Memorial Fund Scholarship
            Cecily Wagstaff Arellanes Memorial Scholarship,The
            CFS/D Scholarship
            Charles Barrett Scholarship
            Chemistry Department Scholarship
            Chevron Computer Science Scholarship
            Chevron Scholarship School of Business
            Chevron Texaco Scholarship
            Chicana Latina Scholarship
            Chief Manuelito Scholarship
            Child Study Center Tuition Scholarship
            Chinese-American Inst. Of Engineers & Scientists
            Cho Public Service Scholarship
            Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Higher Edu Program
            Choral Scholarship
            Chris Larsen Scholarship Fund
            Christine Tamblyn Memorial Scholarship
            Chrysalis Scholarship
            Cindy Kolb AIDS Fund
            Cinema Department Scholarship
            Clair A. Hill Scholarship
            Clark-Gross Award in the Novel
            CLASE/Coors Light Academic Success in Education
            Clement & Frieda Amstutz Fund
            Coastal Ocean Grant Program
            Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship
            College of Humanities Departmental Award
            College of Science & Engineering Advisory Board Sc
            College of Science & Engineering Community Service
            College Scholarship Program
            Collegiate Inventors Competition
            Colonial Dames of the 17th Century Scholarship
            Community College Transfer Honor Scholarship
            Community College Transfer Scholarship Program
            Community Service Learning Award
            Contra Costa Association of Realtors Scholarship
            Costco Scholarship Fund
            Crain Educational Grants Program
            Crumpton, Baxter, Bonham Memorial Scholarship
            Cubico Scholarship
            Culture to Culture Scholarship Fund
            Curry Award for Girls and Young Women


            D. Phillip McGee Memorial Scholarship Fund
            Dale McKeen Award
            Dan Zeff Memorial Scholarship
            Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship
            Dave McElhatton Scholarship in Broadcast Journalis
            David and Leone Cox Scholarship
            David G. Cassa Memorial Scholarship
            David Jenkins Scholarship
            Davidson Fellows
            Denise Renee Williams Scholarship
            Design & Industry Dept Scholarship
            Diana T.Y. Chung Memorial Scholarship for Intl Stu
            DKF Veteran's Scholarship
            Don W. Scoble Endowment Scholarship
            Donna J. Cuneo Memorial Scholarship
            Dorothy B. Lucas Music Scholarship
            Dorothy B. Lucas Special Education Schol
            Dorothy Mayer Finance and Accounting
            Dorothy Misbach Fund for Preparation of Teachers
            Dorothy Westby-Gibson Scholarship
            Dow Jones Newspaper Fund
            Dr. Anita Borg Scholarships
            Dr. Gloria Hing Scholarship
            Dr. James & Evelyn Hutchinson Medical Scholarship
            Dr. Kenneth M. Gordon Memorial Scholarship
            Dr. Mary Finegold Scholarship
            Dr. Samuel and Betty Elkind Scholarship Fund
            Dr. Yoshiye Togasaki Scholarship Endowment


            Eden Academic Excellence Award
            Edmund Coyne Sr. Scholarship
            Edna Haywood Scholarship Fund
            Edward B. Kaufmann College of Humanities Schol.
            Edward B. Kaufmann Scholarship - Humanities Dept.
            Edward M. Nagel Foundation Scholarship
            Edwin Motell Scholarship
            Elks Nat'l Foundation Most Valuable Student Comp.
            Ellanore and Maurice Bassan English Dept. Schol.
            Ellice T. Johnston Scholarship for Ceramic Arts
            Elmira Sanderson Scholarship
            Emily & William Browning Special Education Schrshp
            Emily M. Hewitt Memorial Scholarship Fund
            EPA Science to Achieve Results Fellowships
            Erika Atkinson Theatre Arts Scholarship
            Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Prgm.
            Estella Lara/Assoc. Students Memorial Scholarship
            Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation Scholarship
            Eugene Fulton Memorial Scholarship
            Eugene I. Pearl Memorial Scholarship
            Eva Gildea Scholarship
            Eva Lokey Scholarship
            Evans, Hsu, Kauffman Scholarship, The


            Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund
            Fellowships in Psychology
            Femineers Scholarship
            Femineers Scholarship (Endowed)
            Financial Aid Scholarship Prgm (Mills-Peninsula)
            Financial Leadership Scholarships Bay Area Women
            Florence Haimes Scholarship
            Florence Hale Stephenson Scholarship
            Florence Hale Stephenson/ Violet Pfeiffer Scholar.
            Ford Motor 北京福彩官网 Fund Mi Fuerza Program
            Fox40 Cal Bollwinkel Broadcasting/Journalism
            Frank De Bellis Scholarship
            Frank Figueroa Memorial Scholarship
            Frank Houser Memorial Scholarship
            Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholar
            Frank McCulloch Investigative Reporting Schl.
            Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowships
            Freedom Forum/NCAA Sports Journalism Scholars
            French Program Scholarship


            Gail Karp Orgell Scholarship Fund
            Gates Millennium Scholars
            Gay and Lesbian Armenian Society
            GCA Summer Scholarship in Field Botany, The
            GCM Endowment Group Scholarships
            General Motors Engineering Excellence Award
            Generation to Generation Graduate School Award
            Geology Student Award
            George A. Gecowets Graduate Scholarship Program
            George A. Nielsen Public Investor Scholarship
            George Applegate Gay Rights Scholarship, The
            George Feliz Memorial Schol Environmental Studies
            George Feliz Memorial Scholarship in Economics
            George Moscone Scholarship
            Geriatric Care Management Scholarship
            Girls Going Places Entrepreneurship Award Program
            Glamour Top Ten College Women Competition
            Gloria Spencer Univ. Women's Assn. Schol. Fund
            Goldman Family Fund New Leader Scholarship
            Google Scholarship Program
            Gordon Thomas Scholarship
            Graduate Edu for Minorities Engineering Fellowship
            Graduate Fellowship
            Graduate Kinesiology Scholarship
            Graduate Student Researchers Program
            Grant A. Larsen Scholarship
            Graydon and Myrth Fox Scholarship
            Greg Robinson Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship


            Haas/Koshland Memorial Award
            Hal & Nonie Harden PE Scholarship
            Hans E. Thalman Memorial Award
            Hazel Reed Baumeister Scholarship Program
            HCF Scholarship Program
            Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Scholarship
            Helen Caldwell Fund for Music
            Helen Goodwin MacCollister Scholarship Fund
            Helen Ortega Fund for Clinical Laboratory Educ.
            HENAAC Scholars Program
            Henry Bertin Jr. Scholarship
            Herb Kaplan Memorial Scholarship
            High School Scholarship Program
            Hilda Taba Scholarship
            History Department Graduate Fellowship
            Hitachi Scholarship
            Hong Kong Association of Northern CA Scholarship
            Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program
            Hospitality Management Society Scholarship


            Ida Sweeney La Blanc Scholarship
            IEEE Computer Society
            IEEE, EMC Scholarship
            Illick Family Scholarship
            Indian Health Service Scholarship
            Institute of Gerontology Financial Assistance
            ISA Educational Foundation Scholarships
            Italian Program Scholarship


            Jack and Elisa Klein Scholarship Fund
            Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie Scholarship
            Jack Osman Scholarship in Economics
            Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship
            Jacques E. Johnet Trust Schol. for Native American
            Jacques Hymans Graduate Fellowship
            James C. Kelley Scholarship
            James Duval Phelan Award
            James Milton Highsmith Drama Award
            Jan Gregory Postsecondary Reading Comp Scholarship
            Janis Getz Scholarship
            Jeannette Rankin Foundation Grant
            Jenny Low Chang Scholarship - AS
            Jenny Low Chang Scholarship - MEP
            Jessie F. L. York Scholarship Fund
            Jim Brogan and Jack Post Scholarship
            Jim Brogan Teaching Scholarship
            Jim Costa-Kern County Water Agency Fellowship
            Jim Kohn Scholarship Award
            Jim Ponder Scholarship
            John and Douglas Fang Memorial Scholarship
            John Bauer Scholarship
            John Bayliss Broadcast Foundation
            John Gutmann Scholarship
            John H. Jacobs Scholars Fund
            John L. Carey Scholarships Program (AICPA)
            John Rado Family Scholarship Fund
            John Randolph and Dora Haynes Fellowship Award
            John Ungaretti Translation Prize
            John W. Kinch Humanitarian Award
            Joseph Henry Jackson Award
            Joseph Lazaroni Memorial Graduate Bioanalyst Schol
            Joseph Muha Memorial Scholarship
            Judith Anne Ott Scholarship
            Jules H. Strauss Computer Science Scholarship
            Jules H. Strauss Photography Scholarship


            Kai Chong Tong Scholarship Fund
            Kanbar College Charitable Trust
            Karl Richard Lane Scholarship
            Kazuko Walson Scholarship
            Kenneth & Pamela Fong Scholarship in Biology
            Kenneth and Pamela Fong Scholarship in Math
            Kent Wilson Scholarship
            Kiana Dressendorfer Scholarship in Archaeology
            Kimball L. Hamberger Scholarship
            Kirk MacGugan Memorial Fund
            Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship
            Krohn Trust Dietetic Internship Scholarship
            KTSF Broadcast and Electronic Com. Arts Schol
            Kurt Liedtke German Graduate Scholarship


            L.A. Chang, PhD. Memorial Mathematics Scholarship
            Lanzate Travel Award from Southwest Airlines
            Law Enforcement Personnel Grant Program
            Lawrence Chan Scholarships
            Lee Mallory Scholarship
            Legal Marketing Assn. Bay Area Eric Vargas Scholar
            Leo D. Stillwell Jr.Scholarship
            Leo Diner Memorial Scholarship
            Leon Weinberg ISA Memorial Scholarship
            Lockheed Martin Scholarship Award
            Long Term Care Administration Scholarship
            Lori's Diner Scholarship
            Lou Wolf Memorial Scholarship
            Louis Wasserman Award
            Lucinda K. Lordan Nursing Scholarship
            Luigi & Luigia Franco Scholarship
            Lynn Adamson Memorial Scholarship


            Mae Lasley/Osage Scholarship Fund
            Mamie Gertz Re-Entry Women's Scholarship
            Marathon Oil Corp/UNCF Internships & Scholarships
            Marcelle Vernazza Music Scholarship
            Marin Education Fund Undergraduate Scholarship
            Marine Corps Scholarship
            Marion Huber Learning Through Listening Award
            Marjorie H. Stern Scholarship
            Mark David Jones Scholarship
            Markowski-Leach Scholarship for Gay & Lesbians
            Mary P. Oenslager Scholastic Achievement Award
            Mary Tanenbaum Award
            MasterCard Scholarship Program
            Max and Erica Weingarten Bay Area College Schol.
            Meritus College Fund (SFUSD)
            Metas Scholarship
            MG James Ursano Scholarship Fund
            Michael Lucero Scholarship Fund
            Michael Segrove Avalos Award
            Mildred Leopold Scholarship
            Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship
            Minority Accounting Scholarship (AICPA)
            Minority Engineering Scholarship Fund
            Miriam Ylvisaker Fellowship
            Morrison Chamber Music Scholarship Fund
            Morrissey-Andersen Scholarship
            Moss Adams Scholarship
            Motivating Undergrads in Sci. & Tech. Scholarship
            Mount Desert Island Bio. Laboratory Fellowship
            Mr. & Mrs. P.Y. Wen Memorial Scholarship
            Murphy & Cadogan Fellowships in the Fine Arts
            Music Department Scholarship
            Music Department Scholarship Fund


            NAHC College Scholarship Fund
            Naomi Merole Scholarship
            NASCAR/Wendell Scott Award
            Nat'l Law Enforcement & Firefighters Children Sch.
            Nathan Jay Friedman College Scholarship Fund
            National Federation of the Blind Scholarships
            National Merit Scholarship Corporation
            National Scholars Honor Society
            National Society of Accountants Scholarship
            National Society of Hispanic MBA/ HSF Program
            NAWIC Undergraduate Scholarship Competition
            Nelson Scholarship Fund for Conservation Biology
            NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program
            Nordstrom Scholarship
            Northern California Asian Peace Officers' Assoc.
            Norway House Foundation Fellowships
            NRAEF Scholarship


            Office Depot Scholarship
            Office of International Programs Study Abroad
            Osage Tribal Education Committee Scholarship
            Osher Reentry Scholarship
            Otto J. Bos Memorial Scholarship
            Outstanding Accounting Student Award
            Oyvind Knut Oseberg Scholarship


            Pace Community Service Scholarship
            Patricia Taylor Lee Music Scholarship, The
            Patrick Nobis RCFE Scholarship Fund
            Paul C. Smith Memorial Scholarship
            Paul Lorence Memorial History Scholarship
            Paul O'Meara Memorial Scholarship
            Paul Zee Lyons Memorial Scholarships, The
            Pauletta & Denzel Washington Neuroscience Scholars
            Peggy H. Smith Grad Student Dist Achievement Award
            Peter Frampton Music Scholarship
            Philip Johnson - Cynthia Kolb Memorial Award
            Philippine Chamber Music Fellowship
            Physics and Astronomy Scholarship Fund
            Pietro Iaccarino Memorial Scholarship
            Point Foundation Scholarships
            Political Science Faculty Award
            Pone Forgivable Loan/ Scholarship
            Presidential Scholars Program/Helen Z. Rodgers
            Presser Foundation
            Public Employee Retirement and Admin Scholarship


            R. Joel Dorius Memorial Scholarship
            Ramona K. First Award
            Randall Nakayama Memorial Scholarship Fund
            Ray Uribe/Assoc. Students Mem. Schol. for EOP Stud
            Rella Lossy Poetry Award
            Rene Marxheimer Memorial Scholarship
            Renee Annette Eberhard Scholarship
            Reverend John Wesley Rice Jr. Memorial Scholarship
            Richard Palmer Hartwig Scholarship
            Richard Trapp Scholarship in Classical Studies
            Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship
            Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation
            Robert Bosch Scholarship
            Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program
            Robert L. Liu Family Endowment:French Lang./Cultur
            Robert Pasker-Laurie Pitman Fellowship
            Robert Westwood Scholarship
            Robert William Maxwell Scholarship Program
            Robin Eickman Cinema Student Scholarship
            Ron Brown Scholar Program
            Ronald A. Jacobs Scholarship Fund
            Ronald P. Wilmot Scholarship Fund
            Ronald Reagan Future Leaders Program
            Rosa Parks Scholarship
            Roy Freeburg Music Scholarship
            RTC Student Service Award
            Ruppert Educational Grant Program


            Sallie Mae 911 Education Fund Scholarship Program
            Sallie Mae Fund American Dream Scholarship, The
            Sallie Mae Fund First In My Family Scholarship
            Sallie Mae Fund Unmet Need Scholarship
            Samuel Arnold Scholarship
            San Francisco Bay Scholarship
            San Francisco Regional Mensa Scholarship Fund
            San Mateo County Employer Advisory Council Scholar
            Sand Hill Scholars Program
            Sara Ruth Prize - Classics and CWL
            Sara Ruth Prize - English
            Sara Ruth Prize - History
            Sara Ruth Prize - Jewish Studies
            Sarlo Family Scholarship Fund
            Save Me a Spot in College Scholarship Contest
            Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara Gen Schol.
            Scott Campbell Scholarship
            September 11th Grant Program
            Sergio Martens Scholarship
            SF Chapter of California Society CPAs Scholarship
            SF Chapter, Society for Technical Communication S
            SF-ROCKS Scholarship
            Shereen Paff Special Education Scholarship
            Siemens Westinghouse Comp in Math, Science & Tech
            Sixty Plus Scholarship
            Society for Classical and Comparative Studies
            Sophie Hittner Scholarship
            Soroptimist Doctoral Fellowship Program
            Speech & Communication Studies Emeriti Scholarship
            Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Program
            Square and Circle Club Chinese-American Scholar.
            Stacey Doukas Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship
            Stella Chan Memorial Scholarship
            Steven R. Pease Memorial Scholarship
            Stonestown ADM Scholarship
            Stonewall Alumni Scholarship for Student Writers
            String Quartet in Residence
            Student Dietetic Association Scholarship (SDA)
            Student Fashion Association Scholarship
            Student Project Showcase Award
            Summerfield G. Roberts Award
            Sylvia and Jim Walters Award in Printmaking


            Talbots Women's Scholarship
            Teddi H. Omohundro Memorial Med. Tech. Scholarship
            TESOL Convention Scholarship
            The Joseph R. Mulin Prize in History
            The Lorry I. Lokey Supporting Foundation
            The Luise Meyer-Schutzmeister Memorial Award
            The Stephanie G. Hoffman Scholarship Fund
            The Stokes Educational Scholarship
            Thea Lambertson Scholarship
            Thomas J. Zilka Scholarship
            TIAA-CREF Ruth Simms Hamilton Research Fellowship
            Time Warner Scholarship Award
            Timothy Wiese Endowed Scholarship
            Toshiko Mishima Memorial Scholarship
            Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians
            Tylenol Health Brand Scholarship


            U.S. Dept of 北京福彩官网land Security Graduate Fellowship
            U.S. Dept of 北京福彩官网land Security Undergrad Scholar
            UNCF Merck Undergrad Science Research Scholarship
            Undergraduate Kinesiology Scholarship
            University Scholarship
            University Writing Scholarship
            Urania Cummings Memorial Scholarship
            USA Funds Access to Education Scholarships
            USA Today All-USA Academic Teams


            Victor Valley Gem and Mineral Scholarship
            Virginia Lee Block Scholarship


            Wachovia Scholarship Award
            Wal-Mart Achievers Award
            Water Scholar Scholarship
            Wendell Otey Award
            Wendy Cheek Scholarship
            Wilbur Eugene Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund
            Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation Sch
            William Dickey Fellowship in Poetry
            William Harkness Block S Scholarship
            William Harkness Kinesiology Major Scholarship
            Wilner Award in Short Fiction
            Women in Logistics Scholarship
            Women Studies Scholarship Fund
            Women's Engineering Scholarship
            Working Women's Scholarship
            Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships


            Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program


            Yetta K. Zetoony Scholarship
            Young American Broadcasters Scholarship
            Youth for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Scholars

            Test Preparation Schools & Programs (by State) Letter & Writing Career & Training

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