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            Everything from finding the right online university to finding the right job!

            Online Law School Rankings

            1. Yale University (CT)

            2. Stanford University (CA)

            3. Harvard University (MA)

            4. Columbia University (NY)

            4. New York University

            6. University of Chicago

            7. University of Pennsylvania

            8. University of California–Berkeley

            8. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

            8. University of Virginia

            11. Duke University (NC)

            12. Northwestern University (IL)

            13. Cornell University (NY)

            14. Georgetown University (DC)

            15. University of California–Los Angeles

            16. University of Texas–Austin

            17. University of Southern California (Gould)

            17. Vanderbilt University (TN)

            19. George Washington University (DC)

            19. University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

            19. Washington University in St. Louis

            22. Boston University

            22. University of Iowa

            22. University of Notre Dame (IN)

            22. Washington and Lee University (VA)

            26. Emory University (GA)

            27. Boston College

            27. College of William and Mary (Marshall-Wythe) (VA)

            27. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

            27. University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

            27. University of Washington

            32. Fordham University (NY)

            32. University of Wisconsin–Madison

            34. Brigham Young University (Clark) (UT)

            34. University of California–Davis

            34. University of Georgia

            37. George Mason University (VA)

            37. Indiana University–Bloomington

            39. Ohio State University (Moritz)

            39. Wake Forest University (NC)

            41. University of Florida (Levin)

            42. University of Maryland

            43. American University (Washington College of Law) (DC)

            43. Southern Methodist University (TX)

            43. Tulane University (LA)

            43. University of Alabama–Tuscaloosa

            43. University of Arizona (Rogers)

            43. University of California (Hastings)

            43. University of Colorado–Boulder

            50. University of Connecticut

            51. Baylor University (TX)

            51. Case Western Reserve University (OH)

            53. Arizona State University

            53. Cardozo-Yeshiva University (NY)

            53. Florida State University

            53. University of Cincinnati

            57. University of Utah (S.J. Quinney)

            58. Brooklyn Law School (NY)

            58. Temple University (Beasley) (PA)

            60. Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago-Kent)

            60. University of Missouri–Columbia

            60. University of Pittsburgh

            60. University of Tennessee–Knoxville

            60. Villanova University (PA)

            65. Loyola Law School (CA)

            65. Rutgers State University–Camden (NJ)

            65. University of Kentucky

            65. University of Miami (FL)

            65. University of San Diego

            70. Loyola University Chicago

            70. Seton Hall University (NJ)

            70. University of Denver (Sturm)

            70. University of Houston

            70. University of Kansas

            70. University of Nebraska–Lincoln

            70. University of Oregon

            77. Indiana University–Indianapolis

            77. Lewis and Clark College (Northwestern) (OR)

            77. University of New Mexico

            80. DePaul University (IL)

            80. Rutgers State University–Newark (NJ)

            80. St. John's University (NY)

            80. St. Louis University

            80. University at Buffalo–SUNY

            80. University of Oklahoma

            80. University of Richmond (VA)

            87. Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge

            87. Mercer University (GA)

            87. Northeastern University (MA)

            87. Pennsylvania State University (Dickinson)

            87. Pepperdine University (McConnell) (CA)

            87. Santa Clara University (CA)

            93. Seattle University

            93. University of Hawaii (Richardson)

            93. University of San Francisco

            93. University of Toledo (OH)

            97. Georgia State University

            97. University of Mississippi

            97. University of South Carolina

            97. University of the Pacific (McGeorge) (CA)

            Sources:  U.S. News, 2007


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